Jul 12

Play framework module for twitter released

A free and open source Play Framework Module for Twitter is now available! It supports play framework version 2.x and it will fetch, cache, and display tweets from Twitter. It's resilient against Twitter API downtime/rate-limiting by maintaining a cached copy of the last successful API call. It supports rendering tweets into html for simple display. It's published to maven central for quick and easy installation as a dependency in your play project.

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Mar 04

Attack of the URL shorteners

A URL shortener service converts a long URL to a much shorter URL. The shortened version is much easier to include in a tweet, comment, or post. For example, http://blog.lauer.bz/2012/03/attack-of-url-shorteners.html would be cumbersome to include in a tweet, but the bit.ly shortened version http://bit.ly/z5DbQX is much more concise. Also, its easier to track the number of clicks and generate metrics by using a shortened URL.

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