Jun 19

Building and publishing a play framework 2.x module to maven central

There are a handful of articles on how to build a module for version 2.x of the Play Framework. While those articles are an excellent starting point, they were lacking information on configuration, exposing a plugin, and publishing them to maven central. This post will explain how to build, maintain, publish, and use your Play Framework 2.x module in other projects.

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Apr 22

Auto generate class file with build info for play framework project

Tapping into your build system to automatically generate source code that includes build information (version, date, dependencies) is not only smart, it should be the standard. For Maven-based Java projects, I've long had a technique I use in every project by defining it in a standard parent pom.xml file used in every project. For Play framework's SBT-based build system, there fortunately is a plugin (sbt-buildinfo) which can accomplish the same result with just a few simple tweaks.

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