Play Framework Module for Twitter

Play framework 2.x module to fetch, cache, and display tweets from Twitter in your web application. Resilient against Twitter API downtime by maintaining a cached copy of the last successful API call. Basic rendering of tweets into html for simple display. Published to Maven Central for quick and easy installation as a dependency.

Source code

Bugs or issues

Building and publishing a play framework 2.x module to maven central

Play Framework 2.x Usage

Add the following dependency to project/Build.scala:

"com.mfizz" %% "mfz-play-module-twitter" % "1.0"

Add the plugin to conf/play.plugins:

Add the following properties to conf/application.conf:

twitter.access-token = "required: replace with twitter access token"
twitter.access-secret =  "required: replace with twitter access secret"
twitter.consumer-key = "required: replace with twitter consumer key"
twitter.consumer-secret = "required: replace with twitter consumer secret"
twitter.refresh-interval = 60m

Sample application

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